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White Oak Borough Wood Chipping Program

Rabies Clinic

Sponsored By White Oak Animal Safe Haven
And White Oak Borough
Saturday, May 20, 2017
12:00 Noon Until 3:00 Pm
Municipal Garage
2280 Lincoln Way

$5.00 For White Oak Residents
Must Provide Proof Of Residency
$10.00 Per Pet For Non-White Oak Residents
Please have correct change.
Pets should be on a leash or in a pet carrier.

Pets (dogs and cats) must be in good health, not pregnant,
and be at least 3 months of age or older.


DHLPP (dog only) $15.00
Bordetella (dog only) $15.00
FVRCP (cat only) $15.00
FELV (cat only) $15.00



Click to view download a PDF of the information

Welcome Mr. Palyo

White Oak Borough would like to welcome our new Borough Manager, Mr. John Palyo.

Mr. Palyo will be joining the Borough family on Monday, February 6th. Please feel free to stop in the Borough offices any time on Monday between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to meet Mr. Palyo.

MS4-Storm Water Management
Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer System


Currently hiring School Crossing Guards for the McKeesport Area School District 2016/2017 school year-White Oak, PA will be seeking one part-time school crossing guard and one substitute school crossing guard.

Part-time School Crossing Guard must be able to coordinate the movement of traffic while providing safety to students exiting vehicles and entering the school premises. This position has morning hours (before school begins) and afternoon hours (school dismissal). You will be required to work outdoors during all weather conditions. Must possess good communications skills as well being a self-motivated individual.

Substitute School Crossing Guard is expected to perform all duties of the regular school crossing guard in his or her absence.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must possess physical requirements of good sight, hearing and mobility.
  • Have knowledge of basic traffic laws, signage and pavement markings.
  • Work professionally and effectively with the public
  • Be able to provide information to the police regarding motorist violations.
  • Able to pass a yearly medical exam.

Interested individuals 18 years and older are encouraged to send a cover letter to the White Oak Police Department, 2280 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA 15131. EOE

Please include the following information:

First and Last Name
City, State and Zip
Phone Number (with area code)

Duquesne Light

Duquesne Light Meter Exchange Program

System-Wide Duquesne Light Meter Switch Out

What Is Happening?

During the next several weeks, Duquesne Light will exchange existing electric meters with new, digital models. This exchange is part of an overall upgrade of the company's metering infrastructure required by Pennsylvania Act 129.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Digital Meter?

The new digital meter will operate as the existing meter does today, and customers will not notice any difference in how it measures your electric use. In the future, as the advanced metering infrastructure is activated in the area, Duquesne Light will offer a variety of programs and services that can help you save energy, in addition to benefiting the environment.

Initial Benefits

  • Online tools that help manage your bill
  • Email or phone alerts to manage high-usage activity

Future Benefits

  • An optional Time-of-Use program that may provide benefits to customers who can shift portions of their power use to non-peak hours
  • Outage alerts and restoration estimates that will help our customers plan during storm-related service interruptions

Customers will recieve additional communications when these new services start to become available.

When Will the Meter Exchange Take Place?

In September of 2014, Duquesne Light began the first phase of a multi-year process to install digital meters for all of our approximately 600,000 residential customers in Allegheny and Beaver counties.

How Will Customers Be Notified?

Duquesne Light will send a letter to customers notifying them of the upcoming meter exchange. This notification letter will provide details about the meter exchange and outline any actions the customer should take. Three to Five days before the day of the exchange, customers will receive a reminder call. They will not need to home for the exchange.

Will Customers' Electric Service Be Affected?

In some limited cases, the meter replacement will result in a brief (approximately 10 minutes) interruption of customers' electric service. After the exchange is complete, the service will return to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause.

Please note: Even if customers electric service is not interrupted, we recommend the check and, if necessary, reset clocks, surge protectors, Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) outlets - the type of outlet commonly used near water sources such as kitchens and bathrooms - and other electronic devices.


We hope all questions will be answered in the notification letter. For any additional questions, customers can visit the FAQs on the Meter Exchange Section of our website, DuquesneLight.com, email us at MeterExchangeInquiry@duqlight.com or call 188-928-8539. Press "1" and follow the prompts to reach a Customer Service Representative.

We greatly appreciate customers' patience during this meter upgrade. Over time, the advanced metering infrastructure and the future services it enables will help customers better manage their energy use.

For complete details download this Meter Exchange Program Community Information Packet.

White Oak Borough Reorganization Meeting
and Swearing in Ceremony

Swearing In Swearing In Swearing In

PennDOT's Yellow Dot Program

Pamphlets are available at: White Oak Police Department, 2280 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA.


Pennsylvania's Yellow Dot Program was created to assist citizens in the "golden hour" of emergency care following a traffic accident when they may not be able to communicate their needs themselves. Placing a yellow dot in your vehicles rear window alerts first responders to check your glove compartment for vital information to ensure you receive the medical attention you need.

The program is a cooperative effort among the Pennsylvania Departments of Transportation, Health and Aging, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and First Responders and local law enforcement.

How does it work?
Participants complete a personal information form, which includes the participant's name, contact information, emergency contact information, medical history and medications, allergies and the participant's doctors names. A photo - showing only the participants head and shoulders - is then taped to the front of the completed information sheet.

The yellow dot decal provided in the program kit is placed in the lower left corner of the participant's vehicle's rear windshield. The decal should be no higher than 3 inches from the bottom of the windshield. This decal alerts first responders that vital information can be found in the vehicle.

Place the completed information sheet, with the attached picture, into the Yellow Dot folder, and then place the folder into the vehicle's glove box.

PennDOT website www.YellowDot.pa.gov

Recycling Information

You can find all of the recycling information on the following Recycling Calendar.

We encourage you to "Do Your Part" and recycle.

NEW! 2017 White Oak Borough Recycling Calendar.

*You may need the Adobe Reader to view and print PDF Files.  If you do not have it installed on your computer you can download it for free here.

Get the Adobe Reader

The following plastic items are recyclable.

Resin Identification Symbol 1 Soft drink bottles
Water bottles
Salad dressing bottles
Peanut butter jars
Jam jars
Resin Identification Symbol 2Resin Identification Symbol 3 Milk containers
Juice containers
Grocery bags
Bubble wrap
Cling film for non-food use
Resin Identification Symbol 4 Frozen food bags
Squeezable bottles (condiment bottles)
Flexible container lids
Resin Identification Symbol 5 Reusable microwaveable ware
Yogurt containers
Margarine tubs
Disposable plates
Disposable cups
Resin Identification Symbol 6 Egg cartons
Packing peanuts
Styrofoam cups
Styrofoam take out containers
Disposable cutlery
Styrofoam trays

White Oak Borough is on Facebook!

Like White Oak Borough on Facebook White Oak Borough now has an official Facebook Page! If you are a Facebook user please LIKE our page so you can get notifications of the events, news and photo posts from White Oak Borough. Even if you don't use Facebook you can still view the page by going to:


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh
Weatherization Program

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh
Residents of White Oak are within the eligible area for the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh Weatherization Program. If you meet the income guidelines you are encouraged to apply for the program.

Download/View the Program Information Form (PDF 519KB)
Download/View the Program Application Form (PDF 610KB)

For more information about this and other programs visit the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh website.

White Oak Borough Cell Phone Collection

As part of our Domestic Violence Awareness Month observance, White Oak Borough has partnered with the 911 Cell Phone Bank to collect used cell phones for victims of domestic abuse in our area. Over 2 million women each year become victims of domestic violence. Many of these violent incidents can be prevented with a simple tool we all take for granted, the cell phone. Please consider donating you used cell phone. Your donation could be the critical link between law enforcement and someone in trouble. Phones will be collected at the White Oak Borough building.

Adopt-A-Block Program

Have you noticed some trash along the block you live on? Want to help and clean it up? Well here is your chance!! Adopt-A-Block(s).

Give a helping hand to keep the block(s) in White Oak BEAUTIFUL. An individual, family or group can adopt up to how many blocks they are willing to care for. Materials (bags, gloves and safety vests) will be provided for the days you will be cleaning your block(s).

How to get started?

Download and fill out the agreement and release form. Return the form to Michelle at the White Oak Borough office. Start at any time to clean up the block(s) you choose. We ask that you clean your "adopted" block(s) at least once a quarter.



On-Going Opportunity to Volunteer

We prepare for disasters by using resources in the community.

Community Response by:
  • Preparing For An Emergency
  • Responding With Resources
  • Recovering And Returning To Normal
You have the opportunity to volunteer in preparation for and response to a disaster in your community. You can play a vital role in your community's disaster response cycle.

Volunteer - Be part of a team that brings assistance to those in times of disaster.

Nancy Greenland at 412-672-9727
Jason Russell at 412-673-2294

White Oak Borough Recycling

Wood chips are available to all Borough residents free of charge and can be picked up at the Heritage Hill Park. The ODB Leaf Collection System and the Woodsman Brush Chipper were purchased through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Yard waste recycling is a sensible solid waste management alternative for Pennsylvania municipalities and both programs have helped to reduce the amount of yard waste going into our landfills and at the same time produced beneficial mulch, which can be used for ornamental landscaping or garden pathways.

Detailed Information:

NEW! 2017 White Oak Borough Recycling Calendar.
(*Portable Document Format - PDF File)

Paper Recycling Program

Recycle PaperPaper Recycling Boxes Available.  In keeping with White Oak Borough's commitment to recycling, we now have paper recycling boxes available for purchase.  the boxes can be purchased at the White Oak Borough Building for $3.00. The boxes measure 12" x 16" and are the perfect size for collecting newspapers. They also have handles, which make them very easy to carry and empty.

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