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Applications are in PDF format completed applications may be submitted to White Oak Borough by mail, dropped off at the municipal building during regular business hours or emailed to code@woboro.com.

All emailed applications, forms and supporting documents must be submitted as an attachment in Portable Document Format (PDF) only. Please do not attach any applications, forms or documents as a photo file such as a .jpeg or .png file type.

Any applications followed by •fees due with application the fees are due at the time of application submittal.

Notice to all applicants incomplete applications and forms will be rejected and will not be processed a rejected application shall be corrected and resubmitted within 30 days. Failure to resubmit a corrected application within 30 days and the original application shall be considered abandoned and require the submission of a new application packet along with any required fees.

Building Permits

    Commercial Building Permit Application     Residential Building Permit Application     Residential Roof Replacement & Repair Application

    Affidavit Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage

Occupancy Permits/Certificates Residential and Commercial

   Occupancy Permit Application Sale or Transfer
    (fees due with application)

   Occupancy Permit Application Change of Tenant
    (fees due with application)

Residential Rental Registration & Licensing

    Rental Unit Registration Application 1 & 2 Units
    (fees due with application) (1 & 2 units within the same structure)

    Rental Unit Registration Application 3 or More Units
    (fees due with application) (3 or more units within the
    same structure or complex)

    Multi-Unit Tenant Information Form

Subdivision and Land Development

    Subdivision and Land Development Application
    (fees due with application)

Zoning Permits, Applications & Map

    Zoning Permit / Certificate Application

    Zoning Hearing Board Appeal Application
    (fees due with application)     White Oak Borough Zoning Map

Portable Home Storage Units

    Portable Home Storage Unit Application
    (fees due with application)

Grading, Clearing and Excavating

    Grading, Clearing and Excavating Application
    (fees due with application)

Sign Permit

    Sign Permit Application
    * A zoning Permit/Certificate Application is also
       required with permanent signs

    Zoning Permit/Certificate Application

Amusement Device Permit

    Amusement Device Permit Application
    (fees due with application)

Street Opening Permit

    Street Opening Permit Application
    (fees due with application)

Peddling and Soliciting Permit

    Peddling and Soliciting Permit Application
    (fees due with application)

Transient Retailer Permit

    Transient Retailer Permit Application
    (fees due with application)

Timber Harvesting Permit

    Timber Harvesting Permit Application
    (fees due with application)

Excess Maintenance Agreement Overweight Vehicle

    Excess Maintenance Agreement

Foreclosed Property Registration

The borough of White Oak has partnered with hera property registry,
LLC to administer it’s foreclosure property registration program. In order
to comply with the ordinance, all Mortgagees/Trustees must register online via Hera property registry and pay a registration fee.

Hera’s customer support contact information
Email: vpro@heraregistry.com
Phone (321) 234-5303


Vacant Property Registration

    Vacant Property Registration

    Vacant Property and Vacant Land Registration Form

Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program

    Vacant Property Recovery Program Application

Fee Schedules

    2023 White Oak Fee Schedule

    2023 CEA Fee Schedule
If you have any questions, please contact White Oak Borough Code Enforcement by email at code@woboro.com or by phone at 412-672-9727.